Saturday, 4 July 2009

The finished Ribbon dispenser and a LO

So this is what the finished ribbon dispenser looks like. We had to drill the holes as there was no way an eyelet setter was getting though and also the hole would not have been big enough, you can almost hear the sighs as I got Jason to do it, he really wanted to watch the tennis, and that was the pay off! I am quite pleased with it and it holds a surprising amount of ribbon!

And a Lo of a photo taken 2 weeks ago, during a night out, we're lucky Jason and I as we get a lot of child-free time and are able to maintain a good social life, we get every other weekend on average without the kids, and there is pretty much always something going on and some night out planned!

Today I woke at 5.30am, I don't know whats wrong with me at the moment, but I wake and then I just can't drop off to sleep. I eventually got up at 6.45am but thats obscene for a Saturday morning, and I really wanted to catch up a bit this weekend!

Tonight we are going out for a meal to celebrate Jason's mate Mavis's (his nickname) 50th! It is at one of our local pubs and I think we have got one room as there will be a lot of us. Mavis HATES curry, so Bill (another mate) has mocked up a curry night special menu and has got the Ships staff in on the joke. I am tempted to get Mavis a big helium balloon with 50 on it, just cos I know he would hate it, and frankly if I can get up his nose subtley and with a smile on my face, then I am all for it!!!!

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  1. Love this and i see you got another circle .Im getting that early bird stuff ,
    well i will be when its back in stock that is .Have be able to be added as a follower
    on yours as i promise you i have tried several times and it wouldnt let me .x


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