Thursday, 2 July 2009

Sleepy Head

It really is too hot to scrap, I have my fan going in the kitchen, but fans and paper don't really get on to well!

This is a LO of my Son Joseph when he was a baby, used my lovely Cosmo Cricket for this, the spotty paper is folded to look like ruffles, I think it works well, saw the technique in Scrapbook Trends, and had to try it! This Lo was so easy to do as I used those two chipboard words for the title. Title work is the biggest pain and time consuming thing for me on a LO, and can take me about an hour or more to work on, so this was a breeze!

Joseph is having a day at his secondary school today, he had to get there under his own steam and was most nervous about this, he had a hug, went out the door and 2 mins later was back for another hug! Very very nervous for him, as I still walk him to his junior school so it was a big deal for me too! He was so convinced he was going to get bullied on the walk. But hopefully when he gets back he will be filled with confidence having done it!

We are supposed to be having thunderstorms and lots of rain this afternoon, we'll see, the BBC is quite frankly a bit crap with the weather at them moment, and it won't be the first time we have been told to expect torrential rain and instead we have had a blazing hot day!

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  1. Hey emma this looks so striking ,love the colours and the photo .Its simple but lovely .x


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