Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Vintage Day

Today I have been trying to get some of the photos of Jason's childhood scrapped, I am giving an album each to his mum and dad, documenting Jason and his 3 brothers childhood. The first Lo I quite like, I moderned it up a bit, its of Jason and his brother in a play. The second is Luke and Marcus as children, no title on this as the 2 other brothers have it as part of their page, bit like a double LO. Its a bit plain, but there you go!

Vintage or muted colours are not really my thing, I much prefer modern, bright prints etc, still its nice to have a change every now and again! And the kit I am using for this album is absolutely beautiful! check out the link below for it, there is so much stuff in this kit, papers, so many alphas, chipboard mini albums, 2 albums (8x8) in a box, embellies, loads of beautiful ribbons, the lot and it is an amazing price, that if you are into that sort of thing, its an unmissable buy!

Today has been thrilling! apart from scrapping I have defrosted the freezer, and soon I have to take Joe to the dentist as he is suffering from toothache. I have already had a lecture from the receptionist for leaving it too long between appointments, and have been told that the dentist "will be talking to you about that" Can't wait!

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