Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Hurrah Layouts for Publication, and I booked our wedding - Productive day!

I am a very happy person today, Scrapbook Inspirations have asked to publish 2 layouts that I submitted to the Readers Gallery. They need the LO's in 3 days, but I live right near Bath where their magazine is based, so I am going to take them down in person, as with only 2-3 days I don't really trust the post!

I had to fill in this form that was sent to me via email, and can I get this form to attach to one of my emails, no I cannot, I have ended up filling the blasted thing in about 3 times (and its not a short affair) and still the form sends blank! I have now copied and pasted it and I hope that it is ok that it is not an attachement! This has taken me about 2.5 hours today and I have got quite air-rated about it I can tell you. The other thing is, one of the LO's features my daughters friend, so I have to get permission from her parents, can I get hold of them? no! AAARGGGGGGHHHHH.

Joe and Jess are at their first leisure day today, its a day of activities at the local leisure centre. I dropped them off at 8.30 and they both looked quite nervous as they waited on the bench for the people running it! I hope they will be ok, and I hope they like it, if they do they can go one day a week. At £14 for the both of them from 8.30-4pm its a bargain! and it breaks the week up for us all!

Its my birthday tomorrow, not doing much in the day, apart from a trip to Bath to drop off the layouts and then drop the kids off with my sister, who also lives in Bath, she is having them overnight as Jason and I are off for a meal with friends.

And finally (and I almost forgot!) I booked our wedding today, it will be on May 29th 2010 at 2pm. We wanted May 29th as that was the day we met and on our wedding day it will be exactly 5years that we met!

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  1. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, hope you have a lovely evening. Congrats again on your publication and also booking your weeding date - the fun begins!


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