Monday, 27 July 2009

Bling your Bike

This is a LO I completed today, of Jessica decorating her bike, so bling your bike day at school a couple of weeks ago, is is surprisingly hard to decorate a bike, but we manages it and her wheel spokes had lots of coloured ribbon bits attached to it, and we stuck loads of bits and bobs all over it!

This LO did not photograph well, the letters are glossy but that doesn't come across and it would photograph straight for the live of me!

First day of the summer hols for us here, we have had quite a busy morning, and we all had chores to do, housework for me and then kids both had to gut their bedrooms, it took us all 90 mins, but it looks a lot better for it, then we had to go to the dentist. Good result there, both Jessica and I have "nice teeth" and he is at least happy at us! I saw Joes xray and its amazing that he still has 12 baby teeth to lose (you could see his adult teeth in his gums, very strange) The dentist said he will not have a gap in his teeth when the rotten one comes out as he has more teeth to grow at that side and they should all push over into the available space, so that was good news as well!


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