Sunday, 26 July 2009

Gift Boxes and Brats

Had a lovely weekend so far, needed to recharge my batteries as Jessica is being a little madam at the moment, and a break was much needed.

Went out locally on Friday and then again last night. last night we went for a meal at a local pub/restaurant chain and made the mistake of sitting among loads of families, not normally a problem, but one family had no control over their 2 girls and were what I call 'namby pamby' parents, lots of "oh darling, sweetie don't do that" and then just letting them run riot, fine for them as they enjoyed a conversation, whilst everyone else had to put up with their 2 girls, jumping up and down on the seats, stamping the floor and running around the tables, bloody awful, what took the biscuit is when silly posh dad started to photograph his little darlings!!! Never mind that love, try exerting some authority, you are bringing up a pair of little brats!

Yesterday I was messing around a bit with the craftrobo, after my sucess with the lovely little teachers pillow box gifts, I thought I would have a go with some other boxes and this is what I came up with

Very cute, and a bit addictive to make (as well as quick and simple) these are just plain, but of course you would decorate them as you like!

Not sure what we are doing with the last few hours of freedom, we've just done the weeks shop and are relaxing, we possibly may go for lunch with Nicky and Alan, Alan seemed keen to get out this afternoon last night in the pub, so just waiting to see how Nicky feels as she is on her way back from a hen night and could be a bit on the rough side.

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  1. Those boxes are gorgeous. My poor robo would be so jealous. She must feel very unloved the amount she gets used : (


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