Thursday, 9 July 2009

On yer trike!

This is Jessica the Christmas that she was 2, we got her a Tweenie Trike, that she loved, had to do a black and white photo as our kitchen at the time, was horrible shades of brown (with a brown carpet!!!). I used October Afternoon papers, with a bit of Little Yellow Bicycle paper thrown in, the flower is folded concertina paper and the bike is from the patterned paper and glossy accented, it will not dry so I have photographed it wet!

In other news, Joes trip to the dentist was not good, he has a large hole in the upper left molar, so large that the dentist thinks he may have nerve damage and it may have to come out! He is going for x-rays on Monday to see the extent of the damage. The dentist was surprised that he was not in a lot more pain, but Joes only been complaining on and off of a tooth ache for maybe 6 weeks, he only mentions it once a week or so and thats why I did not take him straight away! I am hoping that the fact that it was not bothering him too much is a good sign and that the nerve is not damaged and that it is just a filling!

I could have cried at the dentist, I felt so neglectful! I have perfect teeth, never had a filling or any dental treatment, so it was such a shock to find out that 10 year old Joes tooth is rotting! I saw the hole and it wasn't pretty. I have ordered an electric toothbush today online and I am now fully supervising tooth brushing again, nothing like this is happening again, not on my watch! I think he has not been scrubbing hard enough and that coupled with about 3-4 apples a day has not been good for his teeth, so I am now hawk like with the brushing. I am very upset!

Joe is also upset, he is worried about what will happen, I think Jason has re-assured him about the procedure for a filling, Joe was thinking along the lines of power drill (bless him) Jason told him its not the end of the world and that the drill is tiny and will not hurt him at all! But he is very fearful.

Joe has been promised a present after all this if he is brave! (guilty mother alert)


  1. This is cute love the way you used the lyb paper with bike on .Poor joe doesnt he get checked every six months at dentist ? Surely its happened over time ,watch him with apples too many bad for teeth .Tell him nanna says its nothing and he will be ok .Love mum xx

  2. Fab LO Emma. Love the colours and especially the concertina flower!

    I fear the dentist so I feel very sympathetic for your son!


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