Friday, 10 July 2009

Sweet Treat

This is our dog Bruno, enjoying the ends of my McFlurry last Saturday, I am a bit addicted to the Oreo Mcflurries, but it gets a bit sickly and Bruno is always happy to hoover up my reject!

Used my new Glossy Accents for this, the red title word is cut on ordinary matt card on my craft robo and then I just applied the Glossy Accents on top, (and to the red scalloped card too) I am so pleased with the results, I think it makes it look like those puffy Thickers you can buy, will deffo be using my craft robo a bit more, now I can get a better texture to my letter!

I love my craft robo I really do, but it can also do my head in as well, it can be very tempermental and sometimes I want to throw it very hard at the wall, but othertimes I am so glad I bought it!

In other news, Joe is happier about his tooth, he found out that lots of his classmates have had fillings and one has had an extraction, and they all told him that it didn't hurt, so he is a lot more relaxed about it now.

I am off to the leisure centre later today to apply for a leisure card for Joe and Jess, they came home with a brochure about a holiday club in the summer hols and with the card it is only 7 pounds per child each day! So I am thinking of booking them in one day a week, there are lots of activities and it sounds like something that they would enjoy. We are not going away so it will be nice for them to get an activities day once a week!

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