Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Curly Top Tot

At last, at long long last the 'My Scrapbook Nook' kit arrived from America, its got a lot of the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird range in it, and it is absolutely lushious!! I have been waiting such a long time for this that I was afraid that I would not be able to create anything when it arrived. I think I was worried that I had seen so many beautiful pages done using it that I would not be able to do anything that I felt was unique and that I hadn't seen before.

But I managed it I think, tried not to be to influenced by others, and I used this adorable pic of Jess at about 18 months, I love that its a back shot, something I haven't done before! I really did use a lot of the kit for this, even the box it was mailed in!!!!

In other news, last night I slept and it was beautiful, Jason says he had a disturbed night! ha! at least this time he was awake for it. I explained to him last night, just how bad he was the night before and he was horrified by it.

Today is another warm but damp one. Tonight we have to go to Joe's new school that he is starting in September, I hate school visits, always feel a little intimidated by it and for some strange reason a bit of a fraud lol!! Anyway he will be meeting his new tutor and his future classmates too, I hope he will be ok, a lot of his current friends are off to the other secondary in our area come September, we live out of the catchment by about a 2 min walk! In some ways I am pleased as its a bit of a trek to the other school and I know that I would always worry if he was late etc, this one is 10 mins around the corner and will be much easier for him, especially in bad weather.


  1. I love these papers so much and what you have done with them is completely awesome!

  2. Hey emma love what you have done with the kit ,it seems we both overcoming our circle phobia .


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