Thursday, 23 July 2009

3 together

Another LO finished using the July Scarlet Lime papers, the tree was cut out on the craft robo, well eventually, once the craft robo was feeling like it wanted to co-operate! Its moodier than me that thing I swear!

Sports day today, in just over an hour in fact, so thats 2 hours of dis-organised chaos to endure (if you've seen as many sports day as I have you will understand what I mean!) I am praying for a last minute long burst of rain!! Would'nt mind but its impossible to get a decent photo, and being stood up for 2 hours watching not a lot is not my idea of fun!

Got the verdict back on our pc today, its going to be set back to factory settings and a bigger hard drive, but we have lost everything on it, all my photos, itunes, gsd files everything, and more importantly Jasons accounts. Big lesson learnt here about backing up files! Luckily I have only lost about 6 months of photos as I have all the old ones on discs and a lot on my memory card still, but there are quite a few lost still. And it will take ages to download all my music and fonts again :(


  1. Ohh, luv how you cut those circles to frame the photo within. Fab idea!
    Sorry to hear you couldn't retrieve the info from your hard disk. If they are gonna replace your old hard disk, ask for it back and try to get an IT expert to see if you can try to get back the info. Sometimes it can be done if there's not too much damage i.e. hard knocks on it.

  2. Emma know just what that feels like ,it happened to me a couple of years ago .Lay out ,love the tree and i really like the photo .

  3. Awesome LO Emma, I love that tree and you always make such good use of the SL kits :)


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