Saturday, 18 July 2009

I'm back on a new laptop!

Well last Saturday our pc, which has been moaning and groaning for a while finally gave up the ghost and conked out. A whole week I have been without the internet and its really stunted my creativity! The PC is still poorly and has been sent off for data recovery and then a reinstall to factory settings.

Jason had decided he would get me a laptop for my birthday, so I just got it a bit earlier and I am so pleased with it, its an Acer laptop with 3gb of ram and 250gb of hard drive, it runs very fast and its very pretty and shiny, good price too as it was reduced by £138! However I cannot get used to the mouse pad so I have my rollerball mouse plugged into it, and its great! very pleased person here.

The LO above is one I did last weekend, really pleased with it! Glossy accents on the letters and flowers, love the orange colour with the blue too.
I now have to reinstall design master for my craftrobo and that is a stressfull thing to install, its difficult, complicated, takes and age and then you have to apply to the company for a license file and install that - it is not easy and I am not looking forward to it at all!

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