Thursday, 11 March 2010

Totally Quackers

Considering I was up at 5.15am and awake at 3.15am I am remarkably chipper today! Joe got off to Paris alright, despite me being awake for an hour at the aforementioned 3.15am panicking about sleeping through the alarm of all things (chance would be a fine thing!)

I was on a bit of a go slow this morning but I finally managed to get off my bum and do a bit of scrapping, and this is the result, I used a sketch for this although I went 'off sketch' a fair bit. Here is the sketch

And heres my take on it, colours are a bit brighter and more 'poppy' in real life, this is one of those ones that looks better in the flesh so to speak.


  1. I love how you can start with a sketch and end up with something so different. Great take and love the colours x

  2. I luv the colours you used on the LO. You certainly do know how to make use of the white space in your LO.... they do show off your design perfectly. I can't do white space... I feel naked! LOL!


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