Friday, 5 March 2010

Scrapping Prep and a good buy

I got these stamps a few months ago as an add on to the Scrapagogo kit. The minute I saw them I knew they were right up my street, and although I have quite a lot of stamps from my card making days, I don't really use or buy them anymore. I just love this set, its so versatile!
Today I was feeling the urge to do something creative, but I knew that I was mojoed out so I decided to do a bit of scrapping prep (basically colouring and cutting stuff etc) I've spent a happy 30 mins stamping one of the above borders and colouring it in in nice bright colours. Don't they look cute and zippy and happy? And now my creative urge is quelled and I can get on with stuff that needs doing!!
And finally, this was Jess ready for school this morning, World Book Day has a lot to answer for, it took us an age to walk to school with those 'flippers' on her feet this morning!

1 comment:

  1. That's a cute outfit. My son's fancy dress is next Thurs! Have to say, you did a brilliant job with the stamping and colouring. Sure as hell didn't look like you stamped it! More like some patterned paper!


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