Friday, 26 March 2010

More Layouts

What an imaginative title!

I have a busy 24 hrs ahead, tonight as usual we are out with friends, but I have to take it easy (which is a shame as cider prices will be up from Sunday, so I can't take advatage of the cheaper prices) as tomorrow I am going WEDDING DRESS shopping.

I've buggered myself a bit with this wedding dress malarky, I really thought that I wanted a lovely dress but that I didn't necessarily want white - but now I really do, I really want to look bridal and of course with limited money and only 9 weeks to go, I've left it too late!

I've seen a lovely dress in Debenhams for £100 and it really flattered me, but I am not sure how easy alterations will be as its all bias cut and chiffony material, so I am going to show my mum and sister tomorrow and see what they think.

At the start of this wedding planning, I wanted a champagney coloured long flowing (not at all structured) dress and I wanted to wear my hear long and in curls and have flowers in my hair (kinda hippyish) so tell me why have I booked in to get it cut all short and sleek ala my blog pic on the header???? I also envisaged myself as a skinny size 10 and despite really trying, there is no way I am gonna get there! Its a size 12 for me!
So anyway I am excited as to what I might find tomorrow and it will be nice to have a day shopping with my mum and sister.
Here are the LO's that were just published in TSM


  1. Hope you have fun tomorrow.

    Great set of LOs for TSM, well done

  2. Gorgeous LOs! My fav is the 3rd LO.


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