Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The good, The bad and The ugly

Bad things:

. Getting up twenty trillionty times for a wee in the night

. My alarm clock going off when I KNOW I switched it off!

. Eating 5 biscuits, and 1 penguin bar today

. Getting soaking wet on the school run

. My trainers leaking and my new white socks getting wet AND dirty

. Still having to make the bed Aaargghhhh - hate changing bed sheets!

Good things

. Finishing my wedding invites

. Lots of good telly to watch tonight (I know scraping the barrell a bit there!)

. Putting on aqua coloured new socks that go with the PJ's I am currently slouching in (that barrell again!)

. Starting a new LO that I think could be a good one!

Ugly things

. Well ugly is a bit strong I suppose, but its not my best effort and its photographed pants!

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a new LO, but its one of those that requires a lot of hand stitching (I'm doing this blog post as a break in the middle of it)

Hope your day is full of more good things than bad... or ugly for that matter ;)


  1. I really like it Emma, but I do know that feeling when you finish a layout and it just doesn't feel right

  2. I luv the patterned paper that you used! You have a great use of white space!


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