Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Geocache Dash

This one has taken blummin ages (6hrs!) to do, that there stitching took the best part of 2 hrs! and I really faffed about with the rest, still its a bit different to what I have been doing for ages. There is a fair bit of stamping and colouring in on this lo, I used 2 of my border stamps for this! And still not a pre-made embellishment in sight! No point buying them anymore, yes they are pretty but I so rarely use them!

Pic taken before the glossy accents had dried, I am just too impatient!


  1. Love the 1 2 3 bit : )
    So Funky Em xx

  2. Well worth the 6 hours spent on it...gorgeous. Lou X

  3. Gorgeous LO, luv the splash of red, set it off nicely! I agree with pre-made embellishment, I don't use them myself either and sometimes I forced myself to use them when they are available!

  4. Ooooh I like this alot! The stitching looks fab. To me 6 hours is a very quick LO...! x


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