Friday, 26 March 2010

I would appreciate your opinions - please comment!

Jayne and Peter have been married for 8 years Jayne does not work (she looks after the kids) Peter brings home the bacon, they have 2 children together who are 6 and 4 and all seems to be running smoothly

Jayne the silly girl has an affair and Peter finds out, he can't get over it and the couple split. Jayne has the children and Peter has them every other weekend.

Peter should NEVER have to pay for the children because he has done nothing wrong, Jayne is the one who split them up with her infidelity and therefore should not expect ANY financial support from her ex husband for his children.

Please let me know what what you think about the above scenario,Which is entirely made up by the way! I am really really wanting your brutal and honest views on this! Sock it to me!


  1. I would say that no matter what Jayne has done Peter should want to support his children, they've done nothing wrong!

  2. ooohhh so serious first thing on a Saturday morning. At the end of the day I personally think this is between the couple not the kids.
    He should help out financially for the kids.

  3. Thanks girls, I was in such a rage when I wrote the above post! Had a falling out with an older male friend of mine about his views (as stated above) silly old fool!!!

  4. Whatever happened he should still pay for his kids - that's what maintenance and the CSA would say anyway, and whilst they dont always get it right the theory is correct!!!
    As Lisa said - how very serious - get yourself back scrapping now!!

  5. I believe Peter should still financially support the kids, after all, they are his. As for her, tough luck.


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