Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Takin' it Easy

Note to self - apostrophe is after the n and not before it. Mucho heartache over that little mistake (especially since I had an audience of the gas man, watching me grossly misspelling) with a bit of jiggery pokery I managed to amend it! The white scallopy circle thing was not supposed to be behind those letters, lets just say that!!! Also I think these colours look a little bit washed out - not much, just a bit.

Gas man has been now and serviced the boiler and and bleed the radiators etc so I can now stop stressing a bit about the state of the house and making the kids life a misery by yelling at them to pick things up!!

I am in a bit of a better mood today but I am a bit under the weather generally (again) but am working on through it!


  1. Gorgeous LO Emma, the colours look stunning on that kraft background! The circle looks like it belongs there too!

    And randomly, I love the phrase "jiggery pokery". I had a university lecturer who used it all the time and it always made us giggle!

    And well done on not buying any stash this year so far, that's amazing. I am totally unable to resist :)

  2. Great LO Emma, Bruno looks very comfortable in front of the camera and the colours don't look washed out at all!! It all looks just right! xx

  3. Luv how you use the rubons and they look familar! ;) Luv the colour combo of the LO.


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