Sunday, 7 March 2010

New Adventures

We got our doggie Bruno almost a year ago (next weekend in fact) and of course at first the kids were well into walking him etc but trying to get them out on a bit of a nice walk now is like pulling teeth and thats such a shame, especially with the weather getting nicer.

So yesterday I hit on an idea - Geocaching, walk the dog and turn it into a treasure hunt - perfect!

(never leave Jason in charge of camera - this is what you get!! - this is us on the way to the first cache)

Within the description of the cache it did say you would need gloves to retrieve it - so we thought this was the cache, we were right on the spot according to my iphone - so we were hopeful!

No! it was a bag of bloody leaflets, and it took AGES to retrieve it from the brambles!!!

So today with very enthusiastic kids we went off on the hunt. Typically Jason's Sat Nav was not up to the job and I ended up downloading the Geocaching app to my iphone. And then we were off! 1st Cache was only a few hundred feet from where we parked up in our town - we could not find it anywhere despite my phone telling me we were right on the spot! photos here of us thinking we had found it, nearly ripping our skin apart retrieving it and then finding approx 500 leaflets for a nearby pub (naughty naughty mr leaflet dropper - but at least you didn't walk across my lawn).
Cache number 2 was about half a mile away in Keynsham Park by the pool, we found the spot, we located the area, but the cache was not there - we know we got the right area as the app showed a pic of a previous finder and we could see exactly where it was but it WAS NOT there :(
We got it!!! the 3rd Cache was ours!!!

By now the kids were getting dissillusioned and I don't blame them, I know this works and I was confident that we would find something, so we tried for one more. The next cache was near Keynsham Railway Station another half a mile away, so off we trotted following the iphones little gps signal. This one was easy, we found the exact spot and then it was just a case of finding the treasure, took about 5 mins, it was stuck to the side of the gate with a magnet. Inside was a log where you write your details in! Kids were mega chuffed and Geocahing now deemed big success! Lovely afternoon had. Whats amazing is just how many caches there are around, you could literally park up anywhere and find several within 2 miles! Its deffo something we will do again!


  1. Sounds like you had fun.
    We've done this before and loved it. Funnily enough I was saying to Ade now the weather is getting better we should go out hunting again
    : )

  2. Sounds like a fun thing to do. Might just try it with my family.


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