Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Blog Makeover

Do you likey?

This will probably have to do for creative outlets today. Been meaning to get a proper header on my blog for ages and today I finally had the time/inclination to do it. Seeing as I felt a bit tired and lathergic, I decided to have a sofa day, and so have been mooching on the internet a lot, no excuse to not see to my blog really!

Joe is off to Paris tomorrow, he has to be at the school for 5.45am. 5.45am??? I didn't know there were two of those in one day! Getting up at 5am will not be easy, I always get the shakes when I have to cut my sleep that short.


  1. You are such an English Rose Emma.
    Looks really pretty : )
    Hope Joe has a great time x

  2. Blog design suit you perfectly! Looks gorgeous!

  3. What a very pretty bloggie you have now! Love it x


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