Friday, 19 March 2010

Me mojo it no gogo

So I've been struggling and I do mean struggling with my challenge LO for Butterfly Crafts, I was quite excited at first as it was soooo far outside my comfort zone that I thought it would be interesing - its not - its just bloody hard and frustrating. I have made 2 Layouts so far and both look like something a 5 year old would do - they hurt my eyes!

I thought I was on a mojo gogo but no I am not, I sat down to do a LO for The Scrapbook Magazine yesterday and the page just almost made itself, as I haven't had a crafty post for a week, I am going to include a sneak peak of it, me likey this one A LOT!!!

My day is pretty much mapped out today, Asda later this morning (I love getting the food shop out of the way before the weekend arrives!) Kids off to their dads at 4pm, dinner at 5.15pm, pub at 6pm(ish) Hopefully between asda and the kids going I can get in a bit of scrapping! I did have a brilliant flash of inspiration last night for the Butterfly Crafts LO, but I've forgotten what it was!! Nightmare!!


  1. Loving this sneak, look forward to seeing the whole thing when its published.
    Hope you remember what that flash of inspiration was, annoying when that happens isn't it?
    As for my ripple, I'm using a size 4 hook. :o)

  2. Like your peek!! Hope your flash of inspiration comes back!


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