Friday, 12 March 2010

Reflective Moments

Whilst reading Lisa's post this morning (sorry don't know how to do those clever name linky things!) I saw she had had a go at this sketch and I rather liked it!

So I had a go at it myself. Having read Lisa's blog I took a bit of inspiration from her and used paint - Lisa does the most amazing Layouts using paint, you should check them out if you haven't already!

My attempt is no where near as skillful, but I like it none the less! And yes I am aware that it bears very little resemblance to the sketch, but thats not the point for me, its a useful springboard to creating!

I'm still having trouble photographing my layouts with my camera, it takes such dim pictures and then its hard to adjust it to look like it looks irl.

In other news I had a text from Joseph this morning that just read "Greetings from Paris" he really is a strange little boy at times lol

And lastly but not leastly ;) Don't forget to go over to Butterfly Crafts and have a go at this months challenges, theres a sketch to try and a new challenge going live on the 15th!! Theres a brilliant kit from Scrapagogo to win (and trust me I get those kits and they are lushious!!!) Heres the linky


  1. You are sweet, thanks : )
    Love that LO Em. All those cirles, cool idea.
    Glad you've heard from Joe...kinda heard from Joe : )

  2. Well, he did text! Better than not hearing from him at all. :) Luv the LO and you are doing well with paint. Luv those little circles. As for adjusting your photo, you need to play with contrast and hues and saturation. Sometimes my DSLR doesn't capture my LOs/cards well and I have to adjust a lot! Blame it on the British weather... hard to get good lighting!

  3. Great LO, the paint looks great!

    Hope he had a great time in Paris!


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