Thursday, 4 March 2010

The Red Coat Saga

I am on fire this week!! 12pm and I have already done a page - almost unheard of. I think I may be getting faster at this lark. To be fair its always my lettering that takes me so long as I procrastinate about even getting the letters out (they are so messy and I hate it!) Sometimes I can look at my letter storage for ages before I get the energy to go through them!

Anyhoo this layout is all about Jessicas coat. For 3 years shes had the same winter coat (her nan bought it her and it was v big at the start lol) and it was really looking tatty and she had never looked tidy or smart in it. Trying to get her a new coat was such a trial and she only agreed to this one as we had been around 6 different shops and she was getting fed up. It says on the journaling I bribed her into it - thats a nice santised version for prosperity - I BLACKMAILED her into it as in "If you don't say yes to this coat, I will drag you around every shop in Bristol until you choose one!"

Today I got a surprise package delivered, as part of my prize from SBM I was told I was getting a daylight lamp, and today it arrived (totally forgotten about it!) and its pretty cool. The light where I scrap is rubbish and even with a fair bit of natural light today I tried it out and it was great, so looking forward to using it more! Nice bit of kit actually!


  1. Was wondering if that was ever gonna arrive!! Wonder if mine might come today? xx

  2. Lucky you! Been eyeing those daylight lamp for a while! I luv the theme of your LO. Believe me, it's gonna get harder as they grow older to buy clothes for them. Like how you drew the circle.


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