Friday, 14 August 2009

Still crafting...

... Just about!

Had a busy couple of day and a busy couple of days coming up!

On Thursday we had to take Joe to the hospital for his consultation about his teeth, this took 2 hours, as they sent him for xrays and we had to walk up and down various corridors, sit in various waiting rooms and then go and register in pre-admissions. Joe is having 2 teeth out, the rotten one and the perfectly healthy one directly under it, aparently there is a big risk the on the bottom will keep on growing, if there is nothing to stop it and this can cause problems later. Joe himself seems ok about it all now, the nurses and doctors were very nice although they did treat him like a 5 year old, and I know that he rolled his eyes at me a few times (I don't think he appreciated being given stickers for being a "Super Star" patient lol!!!). We got home and although I wanted to craft I just felt really wiped out, and I hardly moved for the rest of the day, I was knackered!

Today I have had to catch up with the housework, including another bumper mega ironing session, then my sister visited for a few hours, and I have just finished covering a mini album with the papers, now I just need to fill it!

Tomorrow I am visiting my gran in hospital, she has had a suspected mini stroke, she is in poor health at the moment (but she is 94 after all) and is in and out of hospital. We are going via mcdonalds in cheltenham to meet with my mum and dad, so that they can give Joe his birthday present.

So not much crafting to report, life has gotten in the way!

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  1. Ahh poor joe ,never thought that could happen tooth growing into extra space .

    Her is the name of a blogger whom is giving away loadsa goodies to whoever she picks .
    Its My paper art by Ingvild Bolmoe i couldnt send a link it wouldnt let me .Dont leave it too long as its only open for another few days .


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