Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Mini Disaster

Ever had one of those crafting days? Well thats me today, it looks alright now, but at one stage it was for the bin! I had to add the ribbon to cover a large tear in the paper. Actually its a happy accident as it looks quite cute now! The white dots have been glossy accented although it doens;t really show on the pic, it looks raised IRL.

The lettering gave me such a nightmare, we actually holidayed in Saundersfoot, try fitting that on to an album this size! even in two lines it didn't fit!!!

So I have packed up and decided to call it a day, have to really as we are supposed to be going out in half an hour and I am still sat in my house clothes with my hair tied back. I have long hair that resembles a bramble bush when its left to its own devices, to make it look good, I have to first straighten it and then curl it (I know that sounds like madness, but I straighen it first to reduce the volume of hair!!!) So really I had better get to it!


  1. Luv all your projects. good luck with the contest on the Nook!
    Michelle M.

  2. Well emma you would never know it had been a happy accident thank god for ribbons and embellies .Is this one for front of tag book anyway it nice .


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