Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I Won!

looky what I got in the post today, about 2 weeks ago I got told I won a random draw at Scrapbook.com but as I live in the uk I thought I wasn't eligible for the prize (said not in the rules) however I got a parcel from them today. All you see in the picture, plus a load of Disney papers and stickers, I don't do Disney, so I gave them to Jessica.

We went shopping today, to kit the kids out for school next week, Joe is moving up to senior school so he needs a fair few bits and pieces. Whilst in Bristol we went to PRIMARK, we have just had a new one open 12 days ago and its the 2nd biggest in the country, 4 floors of it! I spent £71.90, mainly on pjamas it seemed!! (I do love lounging around in pjama bottoms!) Oh and I kitted Jess out in a load of new tops because SHE KEEPS GROWING! I managed to sneak in a bit of birthday shopping for Joes birthday on Thursday and all in all I spent £190 today eeeeekkkkK!

And tomorrow we shop for the rest of Joe's Birthday stuff! And then on Thursday, we are out swimming and a meal for Joe's Birthday, I am going to be SERIOUSLY skint!

I have however convinced Jason to buy me a curry tonight, so its not all bad!


  1. Well done on your win : )
    and enjoy the curry x

  2. You are a lucky girl!!!! By the way I like your gallery at sb.com


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