Sunday, 2 August 2009

Funky Girl

Isn't this Kraft paper great? Its part of the scenic route Garden Groove collection. I wanted to have a go at a graffittiesque kinda LO, so this was perfect for it, I coloured in some of the flowers on the paper and then just loaded words around it. There was a stage in the middle where I wondered if it would come together, but I like the results!

A quiet weekend for us here, I was feeling so bored yesterday, so bored I didn't want to do anything, but we eventually went into town, but all I managed to buy was Scrapbook Trends mag and I lovely notebook from WHSmiths with cherries on it! Still it was enough to pick my spirits up. We then went to the pub with the kids for an hour whilst we waited for our chinese takeaway, I've not had chinese takeaway for about 4 years!! (i'm an indian girl myself) but it was very nice, and I am having the leftovers for lunch!

We did want to go out today, I was all for the beach but Jason has woken with a dodgy tummy (hes a very sensitive lad like that bless him) so at the moment we are housebound, hopefully will get to do something this afty though!


  1. Absolutely stunning LO. So creative, love it :)

  2. LOVE THIS VERY MUCH oops sorry about the caps .Its very good emma different .


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