Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Holiday camp day today at our local leisure centre, and a very well needed day of peace away from the kids, Joe decided he didn't want to go at the last minute and I decided that he did so that was that lol!

I have had a nice day, I watched an episode of Big Love which I absolutely love and did some crafting, managed to get away from blues and greens and oranges and managed this LO, I was blog surfing earlier and found this sketch site: http://www.twistedsketches.com/ and used one of their sketches (no 007) to create my LO, Its surprising just how few portrait photos I actually have, I seem to always take landscape, so I decided to use the same photo 3 times and I am quite pleased with the result! The Skull and Crossbones were cut on the craft robo and then glossy accented.

Now I am going to try to remember more portrait shots!!

Tipping it down with rain AGAIN today, have had to have the lights on in the house all day as its so grey outside, there is a theory going on that the government made the weather forcasters report on the more positive side (barbque summer anyone) to bring more money into the struggling economy and make people book holidays in the UK, and I am beginning to subscribe to that! I am officially fed up with it now.

Meal in the Ship tonight with Nicky, I am looking forward to it! good laugh, good food and good enough wine!!

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  1. Such a darling LO- love the photos, the stiching and that skull just ROCKS!!


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