Monday, 10 August 2009

Back to front

I've just realised that i've spent all day with my top on back to front!

Had to send off for a copy of my Decree Absolute today, having turned the house upside down at the weekend looking for it, I have come to the conclusion that it is hiding and won't turn up until I have spent good money and effort on a replacement, I have given in to sods law and sent off for a new one, I only hope it gets here in time!

Boring day really, Major tidy session, Jess did her room (thats always a BIG job) and Joe helped me, by hoovering the bottom of the stairs and dusting the living room, then I had to have a major ironing session, which I did whilst Joe and I watched Air Crash Investigation, Joe loves Air Crash Investigation, he has a very technical mind and loves how the experts piece together what happened to the plane, although I don't think I will ever get him on a plane now lol!!

I then conned the kids into walking the dog for me! I have decided to allow them a little more freedom, so I let them go to the local shops, there and back takes them about 25 mins, at the moment they are loving it and are eager to go whenever I ask, so I get them to take the dog and it saves me having to leave the house if I don't want too! When they stop loving it so much, I will bribe them with sweets. I'm good at this parenting lark I really am!

Crafting is not working for me today, I finished of the What? Lo and that was really all I have managed to do! I am running out of photos that I want to scrap, so will have to manufacture some photo opportunites soon.

As there is no crafty photo on this post, have these instead, Jess spent a very happy afternoon dressing Bruno in her old tshirts, I think he only growled once!
Hes saying "HELP!!"

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