Sunday, 23 August 2009

Poor Paw

Got my new Scarlet Lime kit yesterday morning, this is more like it! So much fun and loads of bright colours, felt really inspired by it, so today I made this! Poor Bruno had a sore spot on his paw and was licking it far too much, so we wrapped a sock around his paw and secured it with hair bands, he is not bothered by that at all, and the sore is healing nicely now!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at my mums and had a lovely BBQ (Dad sneaked off to watch the cricket and burnt the sausages though!!!) We took the dog as they have a massive garden, and he was in his element running about!

Busy week coming, starting with us giving notice of our wedding at the registry office tomorrow, and ending with Joes birthday on Thursday, with lots of stuff inbetween!


  1. Great LO Emma as usual, the colours are fab and your poor dog!

  2. Very cool LO and luv how unusual it looks! Congrats on the wedding!

  3. Glad to see you've dived straight into the kit, looking forward to getting mine now I've seen your lovely LOs. Hope Bruno is better soon.

  4. Oh im loving that kit already ,this is really effective that dog is such a poser love the circles around the big circle .


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