Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Sketch

A few days ago I created my first sketch (its what I created Fetching Fella from) and although I thought it would be a bit of a challenge, I really enjoyed it, and found it surprisingly easy to do (I used OpenOffice Draw and it was a breeze, very self explanatory!

Today I am having a crafting slow-go, I want to craft but just can't! so I thought I would have another go at creating a sketch, this is what I thought up, and tomorrow I will have a go at making a LO from it!! Making this sketch certainly inspired me and if I had time now I would already be having a go! Should you like it, feel free to use it and let me know the results!

Last night at the ship was great fun, enjoyed my adult company away from the sproggies! Tonight we are taking the kids out for a meal in our local two for one pub, they are looking forward to that, makes them feel grown up!!! I was a little worried about going out earlier, it seems to be flying ant day here in Bristol, and them buggers are big this year, I went out the back garden and was back in the house in seconds (I have a growing phobia of flying ants!) The kids had to take the dog for his walk without me as there is no way I am going out! not on flying ant day!!!! Fortunatley they seem to have died down a bit now!!!


  1. Fab sketch, I shall hopefully try to use it (when I get my craft desk back). You've been really busy recently, love all your LOs

  2. Wow, great sketch and I absolutely love the layout that goes with it!


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