Thursday, 6 August 2009


Well here is the LO I did from yesterdays sketch, not a favourite, it was going good in the middle, but i'm not a bundle for the end results, and it didn't photograph well either! However I did enjoy working from the sketch!

Been trying to find all my documents today for when we give notice of our marriage in a couple of weeks, am a bit distressed to find that I cannot find my Decree Absolute anywhere, and I was sure I saw it just recently too! Everybit of paper and document imaginable, except the one that I need - sods law!

Lasts night evening out was nice, I had lasagne and it was lovely, Jason won't eat Lasagne (too saucy apparently) so its nice to have when out! Then I decided to share a pud with Jessica, it was a sharing pud, consisting of Pofiteroles, brownies, ice-cream, dipping sauce and wafers and it actually came on a HUGE (like a chopping board) brown wooden platter, I ate what I could and Jess as Jess does demolished the rest! We then went over the road to our local, where the evening was cut a bit short when Joe went for a run in the adjacent park and fell and banged his head! Of course as Joe does, he then worried that he would die of a brain haemorage, and decided that we should go home just in case lol!!! Bless him!

Lastly a pic of the Coffee Cupcakes Jess and I made on Monday, not as pretty as normal of course as Jessica was in charge of the sprinkles (BIG MISTAKE, resulted in me having to get the hoover out for the 2nd time that day!!!)


  1. I think your LO has turned out really well, lovely colours

  2. Love the composition of this ,really lovely .

  3. Man, those cupcakes look delicious! Lovely LO too!


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