Saturday, 29 August 2009


I so love this Scarlet Lime kit, I thought the Sassafras would be too bright for me, as I've struggled with their papers before but I love it, it helps that these are my fav lo colours! This is LO of Joseph on his Birthday, he is playing a voice activated war game on his xbox, we had so much fun with it! I am really pleased with this LO, I have tried to make it busy as I struggle with busy layouts, if anyone says its simple I will brain them!!!!

Today I bit the bullett and started Slimming World, I am getting so depressed with how I look, that I had to do something! I've done SW in the past, and it seems to work for me, so I am looking forward to seeing results in a few weeks! I weighed myself and was surprised to find I only weighed 10st3lbs, I was expecting closer to 11stone so was pleased with that, I now have to lose 1.5 stone, to be my ideal weight, although, a stone will be a massive improvement on my figure! Its nice to know that this is the biggest I am going to be!

Yesterday Joe tried on his new senior school uniform, he looked so smart, will take a pic at the start of term, its very exciting for us all!

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  1. I luv the LO! Luv the colours you used and the placement of papers!


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