Friday, 28 August 2009

Mucking about with paint!

Had some spare time at last today, so I sat down to create, but that wasn't happening for me , so I decided to just muck about with paint, and this Layout was born. The coloured strips are done in paint, using borders and masking tape as masks. After I had done the 3 strips I put a photo on top, and just made this very simple Layout, a complete accident! It shows Joe yesterday on his 11th Birthday, we bought him a load of Cube Worlds and this is him playing with them, they are very cool, you stack them anyway you like and the little stick men in them interact with each other!

Joes Birthday yesterday was really lovely, for once I had time to play with him, I LOVED his war game for the X BOX, we bought him a headset for it, and we were controlling the game via voice control! We then picked up his make Luke, and took them for McDonalds followed by swimming at Oasis in Swindon, where they have loads of waterslides and wave machines etc.

In the evening my sister came round with her chocolate fountain, Joe LOVED it but NEVER NEVER again, it took 18 bars of chocolate, and it still did not flow like it should, we were messing about with it for about 45 mins, when Sarah remembered that you had to add veg oil to it to make it flow! Now she tells us!!

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