Wednesday, 5 January 2011


I don't normally 'do' resolutions, you just set yourself up for failure as far as I can see, but after several years of ignoring this tradition I find that this year I have several things that I want to change, so here is a little list to get it down on 'paper' as it were.

1. Read More

Last year I only read about 4 books all year. I am an avid reader, a book normally lasts an average of 4-5 days, so you can see how last year was different. I miss reading a lot so I have downloaded the Kindle app to my iphone and downloaded a couple of cheap books to it and so far so good, its good for the soul I think. Books I have read this year so far are: The Room (although that was read in one day during the christmas break), The Lost Daughter and The Basment what is spooky is that they all feature the theme of kidnapping.

2. Drink Less

I'm not worried about my drinking habits, I don't drink everyday but I do drink and it is a part of my life. So I am going to try one soft drink before an alcoholic one when I am out. I've been suffering from anxiety the last few months and its starting to make me feel introverted and out of control when I am in social situations, I don't think the alcohol helps. I want to be more considered in what I say and how I conduct myself in social occasions and so I am going to moderate my drinking a little to help with that. I've had a tough time of it recently and I sometimes feel like I want to crawl into a cupboard and never come out, this is something I want to stop feeling, its not like me and I don't like it!

3. Do more, sit less

I'm lucky to be a stay at home mum and not to have to work at the moment. I can be lazy at times, so I am trying to get more done (not necessarily housework!!) But I don't want to lose hours to the internet when what I really want to do is scrap or create something. Today was the kids first day back to school and I had housework done and ironing done by 9.30am and so the rest of the school day was mine, I scrapped, I read a little and I crocheted a bit, I did have to make myself do these things though or again I would have spent ages surfing the internet. This afternoon I have hoovered upstairs, prepared tea and done the kids lunches. Tonight I serve tea and crochet. Thats enough for a start I think!

4. Be Nicer to the people that matter

By that I mean Jason and the kids, be more generous with the time I give them etc, they are not the enemy. With the anxiety issues I have had I have realised even more how important family are and I don't know what I would do without them really. There will be more "be nice to Jason" days (thats what he calls them!) Not that I am horrid you understand, but both our sense of humour means that we often call each other names as part of our normal address to each other, and we take the mickey as a standard. Maybe that should change just a little!

5. If you don't have anthing nice to say.....

That says it all really, bitch less, smile sweetly and try not to gossip, I don't seem to be able to get away with it like most people can and I always get found out! Its not a nice feeling and its not really who I am.

Anyway there it is, Hopefully in time I will feel better and less like climbing into that cupboard!

Oh and I have been scrapping today - but its for a DT call so I will post it another time! Blankets are coming on nicely too!


  1. That's a great list Emma. I don't do resolutions either, but I can identify with all of yours!

  2. You sound similar to me. I always call my husband a loser affectionately, but my resolution is to be nicer to him. Also not to waste whole evenings surfing the net - it's just so addictive though!
    Good luck with your goals!


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