Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Reserving Mojo

I have a busy time coming up Scrapping wise, I have a commission from The Scrapbook Magazine to do, but I am waiting on them sending me supplies (free stash - yay!) and something else in the pipeline too, so to that end I decided not to scrap today, reserving my mojo might seem strange to some but I find that I can only be on a roll for so long before I hit a slump - and I think that slump might not be too far away!

But I needed a little crafty fix so I decided to make Jasons birthday card, ummm EPIC FAIL as my darling son would say, this is about as unmasculine as you get! I don't know what it is about cards, but I just CANNOT do them!

Good news on the wool front, it seems my order has been dispatched, can't wait to get it as I have come to a grinding halt and need my dark pink wool.

I just also wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who leaves comments on my posts, I really appreciate each and every one! Thanks guys.


  1. Love the card Emma, masculine or not. What border punch did you use?

  2. I agree with Lisa, nice card! :)

  3. I had already seen your work somewhere and I´m an admirer .
    Now I can follow you!


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