Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Not one of my more successful scrapping sessions

In line with my resolutions, I resolved to Scrapbook today as yesterdays free time was entirely taken up with crocheting (whilst watching the Forsyte Saga on catchup)

I maybe shouldn't have bothered, I was going great guns, using a sketch of mine that was in TSM recently and just sort of throwing it together with gay abandon when I managed to put my arm in Perfect Pearls and drag it all around the white background. Luckily I managed to wipe it off, but the card was soggy, distorted and a little greyish in hue in places - pah! Whilst holding it up and wondering if it would look ok, the glossy accents I had applied to the star was merrily dripping off and sliding down the page - happy days!

Still it is okish (especially with a wee bit of computer jiggery pokery) and at least the aim - to produce a LO today was acheived, no matter how much swearing it was accompanied by!


  1. aww Bruno looks so cute! All looks perfect to me!

  2. : ) well it looks good to me. I can't see any dodgey looking bits at all.


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