Friday, 21 January 2011

Beanie Hat

Last night I had the sudden desire to crochet a hat, I love beanie style hats and wear one all the time in winter, the style suits me best and I thought I would have a go at making one myself, I thought it couldn't be too hard and so I watched a Youtube Tutorial for a basic striped beanie hat and thought yup! I can do that!

And so today I woke with that hat on my mind and got to it as soon as I could. Well it took me from 9am to 3pm to do, but that was with 1 hr of trying to work out the pattern (I had to keep doing the first 3 rounds until I got it right , I was missing stitches for some reason) and also another 1.5hrs was wasted when I realised I had changed the pattern half way through by weaving in the wrong part of the stitch, so that had to be frogged all the way back too! Frustrating

But here is the finishd article, it was too small for me, depspite being labelled an adult size and is only just a fit on Jessica, she loves it though.

The little edging I did myself using the same shell edging that I did on the Granny Stripe Blanket, I thought it would feminise the hat a bit!

I think now I have the pattern sussed it would take me about 3hrs to make one, and next time I will make it bigger, make it softer and keep it for myself!

Total cost - less than a quid! - maybe about 65p

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  1. So cool. I really need to learn how to crochet this year. I have really enjoyed looking at your crochet projects. We did a bit at WI, but now I need to find time to practise!


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