Saturday, 29 January 2011

Dress to Impress

I've done a lot of scrapping this week, but today was a nice treat, I sat and designed without a sketch I had to follow, or supplies I had to use or a brief to fill. That was lovely and added to the fact that I rarely scrap at weekends this morning has been a real treat.

A lovely lie in, a leisurely cup of tea and then a couple of hours pottering around my crafty space! I used pretty much all BG Olivia on this page (just the lettering that isn't) this has not photographed well, its one of those that looks so much better irl, I just can't get the colouring right in the pic.

Jess goes to performing arts class on a Thursday night, its probably my fault for making sure she looked nice on that first class, now it calls for ever more funkier outfits, I mean honestly, shades in the dark, I told her it looked naff but she wasn't having it (they are my shades too! and my scarf for that matter!)

I couldn't go without including this pic of some of my hexagons all ironed (I could live my life all over and never iron another one!) and ready to be sewed into the blanket. I think they look very sweet!

You're supposed to block your hexagons by pinning them out slightly damp, steaming over with the iron and waiting for them to be dry but life is really too short for that sort of shit, I mean really who has the time or inclination!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends - I am off to make lunch for the brood and then I think maybe a spot of card making.


  1. Love your page Emma. Your morning sounds bliss
    : )

  2. Great page Emma. The circle in the middle really brings it all together.

  3. lol @ life is too short. Could not agree more. Great layout.


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