Thursday, 13 January 2011

Her Best Gift

Good Afternoon

Not feeling particularily inspired this wet and soggy morning (it was when I got up!) but I forced myself not to retreat into my crochet and get some scrapping done. I am absolutely OVERWHELMED with new stash at the moment, I bought so many of those album kits from TK Maxx when they were on offer and got a fair bit for christmas too that I don't know where to start when I sit down. My Scrapagogo kit is due soon too and I am thinking I might leave it upopened for a bit to avoid confusing myself further.

I dug out the BG Olivia collection pack I got from my brother and used some of that, as I've said before BG is not my thing, but Olvia is lovely and it was easy in the end to knock up this layout of Jessica with her beloved Lotso bear.

Jess asked for Lotso for christmas and it was quite hard to find in stock or for a reasonable price. She asked me everyday for about 6 weeks for that bloody bear, worth it though as she absolutely ADORES it. She wanted to buy some clothes for it but Lotso is too fat for The Bear Factory clothes, so we went to Primark to get him kitted out (he takes 6-9months). Can you see us now, the two of us in the baby department trying the clothes on a bright pink teddy bear? I swear the security camera kept zooming in on us! Primark clothes are a lot cheaper though than The Bear Factory, so theres a handy tip for you!


  1. I know what you mean about stash - I got 3 of those AC kits and apart from the albums and alphas not sure how much I'll use. Need some projects that take up lots of 12x12 paper!
    Not heard of Lotso, Jess's face is a picture

  2. What a great tip! I'm gonna keep that in mind. I was wondering where my mates little one was getting all the cool outfits for her teddy bear from. :)

  3. Love that LO. So funky!!
    I would never have thought of buying baby clothes from there. Cool idea!


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