Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Dogs Dinner

Good Afternoon, I thought today I would show you my process when making a LO with Paints and or mists.

I started off by just brushing some white paint in broad strokes accross the page. Then I masked off a frame shape and misted with Cosmic Shimmer Mist in Lava Red. Now at this point it looks bloody awful doesn't it? A right dogs dinner! Thats the thing with paints and mists, it looks dreadful until you start to add stuff, so don't get put off and think you can't do it! You can!

I then stitched in the frame with some white wool and added a little bit of PP and my photo and border, just 3 new elements but you can see its starting to look a bit better!

Add some more snippets of paper and an embelishment or two, make a start on your title placement.

Finish off your title, add some journaling and another embellishment or two and what started off as something fit for the bin is now fit for your album! With paints and mists you really just have to take the plunge and have a go!

In crochet news, my pretty pink and green MEGA HEX blanket might have to be a baby blanket, I seem to have a knack of liking products that get discontinued, and low and behold they have only gone and done that to my dark pink wool! I am not amused. I have an order pending at the moment and I hope they can fulfil it, but I have already had an order cancelled from another place. Please Wool shop, please have my wool in stock.


  1. A good idea to show the step by step. I need to get me some kraft - it is so handy for everything! Great layout!

  2. Beautiful LO, and I am inspired! x


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