Thursday, 6 January 2011


This time management thing is working quite well it seems, today I have semi tidied our bedroom (it needs a lot of work) and made a layout and done the usual houseworky day to day things already.

I now plan on preparing tea - I'm thinking of Stromboli as we had it ages ago and I keep getting asked to make it again, and then 30 mins reading and then 2 rows on the granny stripe before I will allow myself to hexagon for the rest of the day. Sounds rather nice I think and I have not spent too long sitting on my bottom, so far so good!

Just a nice simple graphic style LO today, I used a sketch from The Scrapbook Magazine and like the sketch I decided to do an 8.5x11.5 for a change. The colour is more orangey in real life, this weather makes it impossible to get a decent colour match!

I must get round to taking more pictures really. I want to take one of Joe and his new room, a couple of months ago we got him a high sleeper to give him more room in his box style bedroom and that worked really well. Last week we got a new tv in the sales, this was the BEST thing as although our old one was less than 2 years old, it hums loudly ALL the time and also it would throw a fit if you dared to use the remote and turn itself off frequently. Joe now has the old 37inch tv mounted on his wall and has bought himself (with a little help from moi) a gaming chair, he has the COOLEST boys bedroom for miles I am sure!


  1. Great layout, love the bright colours and the cut out half circle.

  2. Hi Emma,

    Cute page,nice and bright.
    Loved your post yesterday. I never got around to commenting.
    Made you sound like such a cow : ) LOL
    I'm evil to Ade at times, but I think he deserves it.
    I think you are just lovely!!!!!


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