Sunday, 9 January 2011

Granny Stripe? Done!

Well here it is and in just under a month too! its 53 coloured stripes with white and blue edging! You can wrap it round you like a coat and I defy you to not want to sing Joesph and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat!


Very sweet little edging that I copied as usual from the Attic 24 blog, v easy and quite quick to work up! I also did one round of white granny clusters before the blue shell edging, I think it looks quite sweet.

Elegantly Draped on our 2 seater!

And of course when I finished that I had the urge to start something new, something ordered and repeative and in lovely co ordinated colours, and so the start of the MEGA HEX PATCHWORK BLANKET was born

In shaded of pink and white (this will go on our bed as our room is white, sage green and pale pink. This is made with proper gorgeous, soft and expensive wool!

They are very quick to knock up, I have already done 30 and I estimate I will need at least 150 maybe a lot more!


  1. Lovely! Love the colours of the hexagons too.That granny stripe is one of my favourites.:-)

  2. Loving the colours of your hex (love pink and green together) and the granny stripe is definitely very colourful! Didn't manage to keep my crocheting going, think I'm better with fabric than wool!


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