Saturday, 20 June 2009

The good and the bad

Only managed 2 Layouts this week, one I am very pleased with and one that I think is dreadful! I will post them both in an effort to be fair, but hopefully my mojo will return now and it will be business as usual!

One is Jessica in our garden, I stitched 2 circles in contrasting colours around the photo, then I cut a tree on my Craft Robo out of Scenic Route paper and overlapped it to the photo and circles, I also cut out a cute little picket fence. Finished by cutting up a piece of My Little Shoebox paper with lots of little houses on it, and backing them onto black card and sticking them on!

The Other is a mess, but my daughter will like it!

Last nights trip to the pub was quite eventfull, Joe was a bit moany about this and that and Jess was a bit hyper, Joe wolfed down a chocolate brownie very quickly, and hes not one for that really, so it shouldn't have been a surprise when he threw it all back up, all over my stepper and the hall. I wasn't there at the time as Jason had kindly taken then home and let me stay out! Still I felt very guilty when I got home, Joe was still being sick and I should have been there.

This morning however, he is as bright as a button, think the brownie and the speed of its demise is what did it! I however not so bright, I've been gettin up at 6.45am each morning to do exercise, today was supposed to be a lie-in, but I was woken by Bruno our dog, landing on top of me very enthusiastically at 7.30am, this made me shout, and then made me wake up - in that order!!

To finish I am hoping for a lovely visit from the postie today, I am expecting two things, 1. A kit from My Scrapbook Nook in America, its full of Cosmo Cricket Early Bird Collection, if that can't get me going again, nothing can!

2. Lipobind tablets, something I hope might speed up my weight loss, apparently it stops fat being absorbed and is quite effective, I am however a bit sceptical, but not enough to keep my purse closed!!

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