Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tina Turner

So we went out last night with a group of friends to see an eighties night, featuring a Tina Turner act, this was at The Jolly Sailor in Saltford.

Not been to this pub before and it was absolutely packed out, spent most of the night queueing for the toilet as there was only 2 for about 150 women!

They had a hog roast with lots of salads, which was lovely, most people sat outside, but it was getting a little chilly, so we nabbed seats in the conservatory whilst we could, and were very gald of that an hour or two later!

The eighties band was very good, lots of Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet etc, and then Tina came on, she was good, very good but the bass of the music was so loud that you could feel everything vibrate, and you could feel your heart thump in your chest, everytime she finished a song we all cheered and clapped, but it was more relief that we had a few seconds away from the thump thump! Much talk prevailed about whether Tina was a man in drag (very unfair, it was clear she was a woman)

After her set she mingled a bit, and mad Bolton Dave went for a chat, so I got this photo of them,

at one point they were both pulling her hair, its a wig obviously but a very expensive one! Bolton Dave wanted to know if other things were real too, its lucky he didn't get a slap!

Jason and I had a good time, although Jason got the wrong side of drunk and then thought he knew about politics and religion and so got into a very boring conversation about it all with Bolton Dave, who luckily was the wrong side of drunk himself and so could bear to listen to it!

Today we are up and reasonlly breezy, we are off to lunch with our mates Nicki and Alan today, but not until we have gone supermarket shopping, which is obviously the highlight of the day.
And then its kids back, ironing of uniforms and ready for the week ahead, just hope my cosmo cricket kit arrives, as I am itching to get going on it!

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