Monday, 29 June 2009

A Horrendous and quite scary night

Well we had a nice weekend. Lots of rounders in the field on the Saturday, which we all really enjoyed, and a nice bbq on sunday.

I let Jason go to the pub Sunday evening (well stay there, we were both there, as we walked the dog and I stayed for one and then I went home with the kids). More than happy to do this, as I wanted to go home and he wanted to stay out.

He crashes in at 11.30, I had only just drifted off as it was so hot in our room (we can't open our windows for 2 reasons, we live on a main road and the traffic noise is just too loud, and also our double glazing is on its last legs and once open its a bugger to shut again!)

Jason then proceed to spend the whole night and I mean the WHOLE night, sleep talking, walking and on the first occasion punching the bed very violently over and over. Now Jason can occasionally sleep talk or walk and its all over very quickly, last night was horrendous, I've never seen him like that before, and it was quite upsetting, just as I was falling asleep everytime, he would start again, calling my name, giving an imaginary pupil a (very loud) driving lesson or getting up and walking about and leaving all the lights on. His favourite was to get up, stand at the foot at the bed and bark driving instructions.

I have not slept all night, my eyes are bloodshot, my muscles ache from dragging him around the house (back to bed - I wanted him where I could see him in case he tried to get in the kids room) I was mostly very patient with him.

Today he remembers nothing! its a good job he has gone to work because I am cross with him, very very cross. He goes out, he gets drunk and yet it is I who feels like death this morning! I have now banned us both from alcohol for a while, it will do us both good!

Today it is 10.30am at the mo and already absolutely blistering hot, the kids are off on an inservice day, so we have already taken the dog down the field so that we can stay in during the hotest part of the day (they reckon 30 degrees today and thats 30 english degrees which are 30 humid degrees!)

I would love to get some scrapping done, but all bets are off as I can hardly keep my eyes open. If my US kit arrives, the temptation may be too much however!

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