Saturday, 27 June 2009

Apple Addict

Today I got a lovely parcel of October afternoon goodies in the post, seeing as I only ordered them yesterday, I was very pleased. There are some gorgeous papers, including some with apples on them. Now my son Joe is a compulsive apple eater so straight away I knew what I wanted to do with them!

So with an Apple as incentive, Joe agreed to pose in the garden for me, and I was able to make this, this morning, very pleased with it and I LOVE my new parcel!

Jason and Joe have gone car hunting, I declined as its sooo boring! and later we are taking the dog down the fields for his walk and so that Joe can play rounders. The dog is doing well today, it will be his second walk to the woods, not only that but he has had half a McFlurry that I couldn't finish!


  1. I find your headline terribly misleading! I myself am an Apple Addict, but of a different (technological) kind.

    At any rate, interesting post regarding the obsessive habits of children and their favorite fruit.

  2. Ohhh, have to say those papers are simply gorgeous!!! Beautiful LO!


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