Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Monday Mess

Well yesterday was a mess, a complete mess! Having had such an enjoyable lunch out with Jason, Alan and Nicki, Nicki and I decided to continue the merriment and I think I staggered home at about 10.15pm on Sunday, I had a great time, and really enjoyed the extended natter, but I was hammered, 9 hrs is a long time to be drinking, and I got on the cider.

Sooooo it was no surprise when I woke on Monday to quite a vicious hangover, I managed to get the kids to school and walk Bruno at the same time, but then all bets were off and I sat in front of the telly and did nothing all day.

Today I woke refreshed yay! I have managed to catch up on the housework, and then decided to do something about the dog. The dog bless him is moulting like no-ones business, and I am sick of getting off a chair to find myself covered in his white hair! Having no suitable brush, I got a scourer sponge, which I thought might replicate a brush and set about Bruno in the garden, Bruno the soppy thing, LOVED it, he was in his element, and although not as good as a brush, the scourer got a fair few hairs off, Bruno got 5 mins of attention, so everyone is happy!

Am still waiting for the postie to deliver my Cosmo Cricket kit from the States, and I am getting anxious for it now!

No scrapping for a few days now, soon my Mojo will return with a vengenace I am sure, prob when the kit arrives.

Here is Bruno this morning, wearing a pair of sunglasses that Jess got from the Bear Factory for her teddy. He had them on his head for ages, was so content chewing his bone, he could not be bothered to shake them off!

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