Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sitting Pretty

Hurrah! I finally managed it, a LO.

I managed to distract myself for long enough, and eventually I sat down and finished something that I started end part of last week.

This LO really stumped me at first, I started and just could not see how to complete it. I used the Scarlet Lime June Kit as well as bits and pieces from my stash.

This is a bit fussier and prettier than my usual style but I am pleased with it! I stitched that red heart using a template I made myself by tracing a printed heart onto tracing paper with pucture holes. Journaling reads : So sweet Jessica, snuggled up for winter in her coat and hat. My gorgeous girl.

In other news I made a fish pie, I like fish pie and I am good at making it, but todays is a bit of a disaster, its just too sloppy, and I think it may well mutate whilst cooking!!! Hopefully though it will still taste nice, if it doesn't end up on the oven floor! I am blaming extreme heat, its 29oc in my kitchen at the moment, so cooking was probably a bad idea anyway.

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