Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The weather outside is frightful

Well its not really is it! Temperatures are reported to be in the high 20's for the rest of this week, in September, when I am all set and kitted out for Autumn, pah, I don't want the sun now, I wanted it 2 months ago.

However its my teams turn over at Twisted Sketches this week and I choose to use a snowy weather picture for my take, here it is:

The twist was punches - easy! I layered the negative from a die cut over my picture for dimension and the layered my border punch out (the negative bit again) over a robo cut out of icicles (which I stickled the hell out of!) A few layered snowflakes glittered again and hey presto job done!

Right I am off to drag the fan back to the living room from upstairs, luckily we had not got round to putting it in the loft for winter.

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